Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Conservative Bandwagon

It has been a fair while since I have indulged myself in making a post in regards to politics. Many of the previous posts I had made were somehow deleted in some kind of a server reset and I the only way I can access all of them is via searching through the cached history. Honestly, I just cannot be bothered to do that. So let us just call this blog a fresh start on my take on conservatism.

First off, I sincerely hope that David Cameron leads the Tories to victory these coming elections. It is about time that new labour be relegated to the dustbins of failed social experiments. I recently read an article in the daily mirror where Cheryl Cole decided to call 'Dave' slippery. I mean for someone like miss Cole whose sole claim to fame is taking her clothes off so that men may bother to hear her voice on the videos/television appearances she makes is rather more worse than for a covetous man to inveigh against prodigality.

A couple of weeks or so ago, I also read the whole fuss about Zack Goldsmith and his trust funds. I understand that as a candidate for election he needs to adhere to certain rules and conditions in order not affect the general popularity of the party. However, in my opinion a more honest and respectable answer than the one he gave would have been to say 'My dad made a lot of money. Yes, he left me a lot of money. I am not going to apologise for that and more to the point, I am not going to apologise for ensuring that I refuse to hand over my money to the government so that they can support 15 years old Cheryl/Rooney wannabes and other such council types who would rather have babies, laze around and expect the state to take care of them instead of going out there and attending school or alternatively working if they are of age.' However such a statement would be political suicide in a politically correct Britain where to call a Jew a Jew, a black a black, or other such examples, is seen as some form of overt racism.

Now that the elections are coming closer, I intend to fully reintegrate myself into the CF online community from which I had taken a break for too long. Let us work together to try and ensure that the Tories will come to power so that we may reverse Britain from the dismal path of ruin that new labour have led us down upon.


Taurus said...

I will grant you that this government is in total disarray and hasn't got a clue, but I seem to remember that it was an almost exact scenario in 1997. Then it was more about sleeze, but will we have the same situation in ten or twelve years time. We will see.

Anonymous said...

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