Friday, 28 November 2008

The Trials & Tribulations of Tejus

Going A.W.O.L is something I have always excelled at. However, I always make an appearance now and again, like the ghosts of your past which are lurking, waiting and watching, to ever reappear if your guard is down. Some say it is a curse, others a blessing, but for one who believes that the God & the Devil are merely different sides of a coin it becomes easily understood that it amounts to little more than skill and a usefull one at that. Some people are blessed with a flair for the dramatic, a talent which usually finds them involved in more situations than they ought to have been and usually controversial ones at that for some would rather preach to the last supper at the Alcatraz over the one at the Salvation Army. Anyways, I am still stuck in university writing essays and contemplating theories on everything from chateau 'd yquem to foie gras pan fried with truffles. You see such is the life of a student who prefers fine dining to more library-ish pursuits.